Crossing The Black Cover Art

Crossing The Black CD (2015)




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Crossing The Black was recorded at Big Red Studio with Billy Oskay and features ten tracks of 100% original music. The band, a hand-picked group of my favorite musicians in the Pacific Northwest, consists of Peter Schwimmer on banjo, Lex Browning on fiddle and vocals, Rob Wright on bass and vocals, and Martin Stevens on mandolin. The CD is an artfully designed 8-panel digipack complete with liner notes. The Cd art has snippets of lyrics from each song and a beautiful illustration that paints a picture of each song’s story.

Full Track Listing

  1. Cutie Pie
  2. Golden Belle
  3. See Where She Goes
  4. Pair Of Twos
  5. Black River Cabin
  6. Without Your Warmth
  7. Salvation
  8. Sweet White Clover
  9. Crossing The Black
  10. The Wheel