Ojos Brujos

It seems like a lifetime ago I was studying classical guitar, before songwriting and flatpicking overtook my time for music. I haven’t owned a classical guitar in over 10 years until recently, when I purchased this cool little guitar from Assabet Strings in Asheville.

Since my latest bluegrass record is in the can { listen here: https://kenchapple.com/SOL } I have been plucking on the parler guitar, and working with my fingers again! It’s a challenge but I love making this music sing. I’ve been digging though old repertoire of Bach Villa Lobos and Brouwer and was reminded about this piece, which is one of my favorites to play. Brouwer’s music is great. If you haven’t heard him before, check out his compositions. I particularly like interpretations by Ricardo Cobo and Antigoni Goni.

Here’s Ojos Brujos by Leo Brouwer performed on a late 19th century anonymous parlor guitar.