Developing A Powerful G-Run

Hey all! I had a student request a video of some bluegrass rhythm stuff we went over in a lesson last week, so I thought I’d share it with my readers. The goal of this video is to give you some tips to improve your bluegrass rhythm playing by employing a rest stroke. This technique will give you great tone, and economy of motion, so once you “have it” with your right hand, you’ll be able to play these exercises at great speed.

Click here to download your free PDF that contains some exercises that are demonstrated in the video and will help you develop your G-Run:

Developing A Powerful G-Run – Bluegrass Rhythm Exercizes

Exercise 1 – Bluegrass rhythm over a G chord shape using rest strokes

Exercise 2 – Bluegrass rhythm over G chord shape with a moving bass line

Exercise 3 – Bluegrass rhythm with a G-run in the middle (the whole shebang!)

Exercise 4 – Isolating the right hand on the G-Run from Exercise 3 (to help perfect exercise 3)

Exercise 5 – Isolating the hammer-ons and pull-offs of the G-Run (to help perfect exercise 3)

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