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Flatpick Guitar Crosspicking Patterns

We talked about using different cross-picking patterns to accent different notes in order to bring out a melody. We also talked about using your ear to listen and identify whether the song starts on the One, Three or Five of the One chord. In the workshop, we use G as the example key. In the case of G, One = G, Three = B and Five = D.

In bluegrass music, as well as many other musical styles, the melody will usually only start on one of these three notes. Picking which note to start your break on will give you a head-start for picking out the melody on the fly in a jam.

In this video, I show the forward roll on guitar and how to apply them to a break on Nine Pound Hammer. This tune starts on the One, so I’ll┬ástart out on the one and then use the cross-picking to accent the notes of the melody. The forward roll pattern on I show is on the D-G-B open strings. The pattern goes D-G-B-D-G-B-D-B.

Remember when you practice:

  1. IsolationIsolatethe problem sections like the crosspicking pattern by practicing slowly with a metronome with your right hand only
  2. RepetitionPracticethe same sections with a metronome in a loop until you can play it ten times in the groove
  3. Iteration Crank up the metronome 4 clicks at a time when you get comfortable with the slower speed. Work on all the different sections and transitions until you’ve got it!

Here is the full audio from the workshop:

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