Flatpick Guitar Clinic
Flatpick Guitar Clinic

Flatpick Guitar Self-Accompaniment

Click here for Flatpick Guitar Crosspicking Patterns

Here is a video that shows me playing the Sitting on Top of the World break from Sunday’s clinic.

We talked about using a repetitive crosspicking pattern to catch the listener’s ear, and tie the melodic licks together. Then we broke up the crosspicking with some doublestops and downstroke melodic lines.

Remember when you practice:

  1. Isolation Isolate the problem sections like the crosspicking pattern by practicing slowly with a metronome with your right hand only
  2. Repetition Practice the same sections with a metronome in a loop until you can play it ten times in the groove
  3. Iteration Crank up the metronome 4 clicks at a time when you get comfortable with the slower speed. Work on all the different sections and transitions until you’ve got it!

Here is the full audio from the workshop: