Bye Bye Guitar

Write away from your instrument

You’re sitting at home with a six-pack, or maybe some freshly squeezed juice if you’re not into drinking al-k-hol. You pick up your guitar and you’re like [koo_highlight style=”yellow”] OK, let’s write a song [/koo_highlight]. If you’re like me, this never works.

bye bye guitarTry Bud Dry

In order to really get in the songwriting mood, try something different. The potential of your brain when it’s free to imagine is far greater than when it’s limited to your knowledge of the guitar, mandolin, or whatever. Even if you’re a virtuoso. Put down your guitar and just imagine something from your recent past. We all live stories everyday, but usually they just pass us by. Stop to think about something in the past couple days that made you feel something. Imagine that situation and imagine the music that is playing in the background. If you really can’t think of anything, go somewhere. Go to the park. Who cares if it’s 10:30pm at night, you’re an adult.

Be Ready For the Transmission

I don’t sit down to write a song like I’m in a boat on a lonely pond waiting for a pike to tug my line. When I sit down to write a song, I already have ideas. I use Evernote to continually document and tag lyric bits, and melodic ideas that pop into my brain. Sometimes it’s embarrassing to be in the vegetable section of the grocery store singing into my iPhone… it’s one of those daily battles, but I win every time. Sometimes I can’t comprehend the darn notes I’m singing or the words I’m saying in those Evernotes, but usually the feeling is there. Then when I sit down in the precious time that I have to actually assemble a song, I already have kilobytes of ideas to mine from. Really, as long as you’re living you’re writing. You just need to be ready for the transmission from your life’s story into the song.

When it Rains

I’m In the middle of writing an album. I have the first session of four songs already recorded. I have been writing away from my instrument. In the process of writing those four songs, I had at least 10 ideas for new songs… “well, what if the character did this” or this would be a cool interlude part to add. I record the new ideas in Evernote for the next session or the next album. The fact is, that the more you get in the habit of coming up with ideas, the more ideas you’ll come up with. You’ll never be stuck again.

This song came from my notes. After playing a children’s song for my daughter, this song came into my head. Please Subscribe below for more insights.